I am a foreigner and I would like to practise PTK in Prague

Many of our members are abroad from time to time. And if they are for a long time there they want to continue PTK practising or just got to know local PTK people and get some fun with them. And sometimes is hard to find any information about such activities or clubs and that's why this article took place here. We hope it will help you to find and visit us.

There are two gyms where PTK is training. Braník gym (map) and  Luka gym (elementary school at Trávníčkova street) (map). Gym is located on the right side of the school towards the football field and backwards. If you are interested in practising PTK feel free to visit our tranings and try. First lesson is for free.

  8:00 - 14:00 18:30 - 20:15 18:30 - 20:30 
Monday private lessons group lessons  
Tuesday private lessons    
Wednesday private lessons   group lessons
Thursday private lessons    
Friday private group lesson    
Saturday, Sunday lessons and private lessons by appointment

If you need more information ask chief instructor Aleš Brunner.


Below is our pricelist valid from 1.1.2011.

1 lesson 350 CZK (first one for free)
1 month 1200 CZK
3 months 3400 CZK
6 months 6600 CZK
12 months 10000 CZK
private lesson (120 min) 1.500 CZK
private lessons (20 hod) 15.000 CZK
group private lessons (120 min - max 4 persons) 2.000 CZK
group lessons - min 4 persons - weekend (15 hod) - price is just approximate and this lessons must be arranged in advance.  10.000 CZK

If you want to pay in Euros, price will be arranged so according to current rate.